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PostSubject: .: FORUM AND GUILD RULES | PLEASE READ .:   Mon Aug 11, 2008 4:13 pm

Hey guys I've started writing some guild rules. I'm a bit afraid they are to strict Laughing . I'm far from finished so you all know.

Guild Chat

1 Racism is not allowed in the guild chat or any other subject that people might be offended off. For example: condescending things about religion, sexuality, nationality, etc. Don't forget we are a team and we stick together!

2 Swearing in the guild chat is allowed but we kindly ask you not to use the crudest words.

3 If someone is asking for help or has questions please help him/her. By doing so the guild atmosphere will be much nicer.

Recruitment and kicking of players.


1 Everyone is allowed to recruit. If you have a friend that whishes to join the guild just ask any of the officers and we will invite him.

2 To make sure the guild always have active members and preferably a steady growth, I kindly ask the officers to help me recruit in towns and outposts. Thank you in advanced.


1 If a member acts like a jerk, any officer at the time has the right to expel the member. If such an occurrence would happen report it to me (Khar). If any officer expels a member because of personal reasons the officer might be demoted or expelled. If any member feels they've been treated badly by an officer or by me which could be the case, please report the issue and we'll try to solve it.
2 Currently we allow officers to be gone for 2 weeks without notification, and for 3 weeks for members. If the player does not appear after that time the player will be demoted/kicked.

3 Kicking of players will only be done by me or with my approval.


1 All officers are allowed to make announcements.

2 Only serious posts are allowed. Do not play with the Announcement board.

3 Paragraphos 1-2 about the Guild Chat applies to the announcement Board as well.

If anybody breakes the rules that member will be warned. If the person repeatably breaks the rules a jury of 3 officers will be called in to evaluate the situation. If these officers find it necessary, actions might me taken towords that person.
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PostSubject: Re: .: FORUM AND GUILD RULES | PLEASE READ .:   Mon Aug 11, 2008 4:25 pm


- It is not allowed in the forum: pornography, piracy / warez, xenophobia / racism, pyramid schemes to obtain benefits and anything that is against the Law.

- The Users can express themselves freely and respecting the other users and the rules of the forum. There is no limit to the number of posts, however SPAM is not allowed in the forum. Abuse can lead to expulsion (ban) of the forum. The use of smilies, line breaks, images, colors and type of letter must also be careful, not to make threads / posts illegible or unclear.

- Create the sub-topics in the appropriate forum. Avoid repeating topics or issues that already exist; use the search before creating a topic.

- Members of the Staff (Moderators and administrators) may delete or modify any post / topic that would undermine the stability of the forum and that goes against the rules of the Forum. There won't be sent to the User a PM with a justification, however it may be requested by the User, through a private message.

- The usernames cannot contain bad words, be confused with members of staff or other registered members, or promote sites / products / brands, or they will be changed by the administration of the forum.

- The signatures should not be too big (5 lines normal text or image 700x100px, 30kb). Signatures and avatars can not be used to advertise products.

Hierarchy of the Forum
Members of staff: Admin and Moderator
Users: Apprentice, Scout, Sargeant, Captain, Supreme Commander.

You must obey the rules, but most of all it's common sense to advice all users to ensure a smooth functioning of the forum, without unnecessary friction or flames.
It is recalled that failure of any of the rules will be cause for punishment, which could range from a warning to the restriction of access to one or more forums, or even the temporary or permanent BAN the Forum.

All Users must obey with the rules of the forum without exception.

If you have any questions, contact one of the members of the administration of the forum.
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